Month: December 2018

How to renovate your kitchen at a low price

Renovating your kitchen is not always as expensive as you might think! The proof, these 7 ideas for the renovation of the kitchen will help you save while realizing this project which is important to you.

Be inspired by these solutions and most importantly, take notes. You could renovate your kitchen on a budget soon!

1. Use the table to make it an island

At the center of your kitchen, the island is a unifying element and it is very useful. It is used as an extension of countertops, as a bistro table, as storage space … If you plan to change your table, reuse its flat surface to make it an island, which will help you renovate your kitchen without spending too much.

2. Repainting the cabinets

When attacking the kitchen project, we often think of changing the cabinets completely. The least expensive solution here would be simply to choose a nice neutral color to repaint the cabinets already present. The kitchen will immediately take on value!

3. Change the cabinets for tablets

Your cabinets are irrecoverable? Do not panic! Many hardware stores sell solid, inexpensive wooden boards that will serve as beautiful shelves for plates, glasses and cups. In addition to giving a beautiful rustic character, this solution represents a simple and fast way to renovate the kitchen

4. Update the handles

And if in your kitchen, it was only the handles that were closing? Never mind, it will cost you a few dollars to choose new handles to your taste, which will marry better with the spirit that you want to see emerge from your renovated kitchen.

5. Add greenery

Nothing like a beautiful floral centerpiece, a hanging flowerpot or a huge fern to change the atmosphere and atmosphere of a room! Think about renovating your kitchen to decorate plants, to lighten the air while giving a new vocation to some unused places.

In this day and age, the greener the better. Some plants can add a great smell to the room and they provide a more natural look.

6. Be creative with materials already present

When you decide to renovate your kitchen, several materials accumulate as work progresses. Whether it is wood scraps or ceramic, metal parts or plastic, put it all together and see how you can use them to jaze the room even more.

This is case you have mace a small scale kichen remodelling. But if you are really changing many things, even tearing down some walls, then you may have a lot of debris, and you mighy need to rent a dumpster just to get rid of them.

7. Change the backsplash

Another option, a little more laborious depending on the tiles chosen, is to modify the backsplash. Whether you decide to repaint it or change the ceramic, the backsplash alone can greatly change the look of your kitchen. Be aware that there are much more affordable sticker models that you can easily remove and change.

All you have to do is list your options to renovate the kitchen! Get started now.