Virtual Private Server: Definition and benefits

A virtual private server, also called Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a virtualized server on a physical server that groups many virtual servers. If your are interested in learning more about the definition, operation, advantages and disadvantages of VPS, as well as the criteria to consider when choosing a supplier, read on.

A virtual private server is an equipment offering the same practical possibilities as a dedicated server. However the computer where the server is located groups multiple virtual servers. Each VPS installed on the computer runs on its own OS and runs hosting software for a specific user.

Virtual dedicated server (VPS): how does it work?

Virtual Private Servers providers use virtualization software, also known as hypervisors. They provide users with access to a so-called emulated server which behaves exactly as a real physical server as it is based on the resources that would be found on such a physical server. This emulated server is called a virtual machine (VM). Each virtual machine has a fully-fledged operating system, with access to part of the computing power, RAM and storage of the physical server on which it is located.

Users have access to the operating system of the virtual machine. However they cannot directly access the physical server. Thus multiple users can use emulated virtual machines on the same server, but cannot access other users’ virtual machines. Thus despite the absence of physical separation, each VM is separated. That is what leads to one of the main benefits, resource sharing while maintaining privacy.

Virtual dedicated server: what a difference with shared hosting

VPS should not be confused with shared hosting. To understand the difference between the two, the simplest remains to take the example of real estate. Shared accommodation is like renting an apartment. The host who holds all the space is comparable to the owner of the building. The owner rents both apartments and common areas such as swimming pool, parking spaces or gym that are comparable to computing power, RAM and disk space. For their part, the inhabitants share these resources.

In the case of the virtual dedicated server, users can own their apartment. Common areas are always shared, but a portion can be owned. However, unlike the tenant of an apartment (shared accommodation) the owner must maintain his own interior and take care of repairs and modifications.

It should also be noted that the VPS has a much smaller population. The major disadvantage? The price generally higher than shared hosting. Users must also have technical skills, including the knowledge to use unmanaged hosting. VPS also requires more time and effort, for example to make sure it stays stable and secure.

If we compare the VPS with the dedicated server, to spin the metaphor, we could compare the first city with an affordable property. Dedicated accommodation is closer to a luxurious home. The user here is the owner, is responsible for all cleaning and maintenance, but also the outside and the landscape. Technical expertise is therefore essential. In short, the VPS is halfway between the shared hosting and the dedicated server.

The Most Active Social Media Platforms in 2018

Over a billion of people are now using the Internet every day. Even the third-world countries that need some digital upgrading are slowly catching up – such as Africa which has one of the fastest growing rates. Because of this, on top of more affordable smartphone devices today, social media continues to grow rapidly as well.

Social Media by far is the most popular service on the internet today. People do not just use them for personal purposes, brands utilize them as well to advertise their products and spread awareness.

Today, Facebook has two billion monthly active users and continues to be the most popular social network by far. However, due to a number of different trends, Facebook is only the number one social media website in 129 to 137 countries. China, in particular, does not use this medium. In fact, Twitter and Instagram – both owned by Facebook are also blocked in this country.

China is the most populated place on Earth. If you think about it, anything that is popular in this country can statistically overturn any other trends after Facebook. In this country, they use QZone. It is a social media network with 632 million active users as of the year 2017.

After Facebook, Instagram takes the lead of 600 million active users. This is actually the social network that comes in second to Facebook in the United States and most of the Western Europe Countries in the year 2017 as well.

What is the recent update on Social Media Popularity for 2018? has combined multiple reports and data on social media sites, and according to them, Facebook has about 2.2 billion active users as of March 2018, Youtube now stands at 1.8 billion, and Twitter comes in at third place with 336 million active users on the first quarter of this year.

In conclusion, the top three social media platforms for 2018 are Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. So, what makes these three platforms so popular and successful?


Some people may beg to differ, but Facebook is remarkably simple to use. Because its creators have made it user-friendly, almost anybody at any age can start using them within hours. Facebook is used to express and share real-life experiences. And because its purpose is very social, people no longer use them for personal use only.

Businesses, brands, and even government organizations have used them to share news, advertise products and market brands. People can easily post their feelings, share emotional videos and recommend various businesses to their Friends List.


Youtube is a video platform for content creators. It has a wide plethora of viewing options where people can gain information about beauty and lifestyle tips. This is where people primarily go to find tutorials, reviews, and DIYs. Because the content creators here enjoy all the creative freedom on how they produce their own videos, they establish a more personal relationship with their viewers.

The video blogs or commonly known as “vlogs” give this site an edge over the mainstream media. With billions of channels, people can watch, you can count on that there is always something new to watch.


Just like Facebook, Twitter is user-friendly. You just have to input your status or message and hit the update button. Furthermore, its interface is as simple as it can be. You can easily view the tweets of your friends and stay updated with any news outlets that you are following.

Even the leading traditional publications such as the Time Magazine or the New York Times have adopted Twitter as a means to spread the important and relevant news. On top of this, celebrities use Twitter as a medium to reach out to their fans.

In 2018, almost everybody has a profound understanding of what social media is all about. For some, it is a platform to express their own opinion, while others use it for their business advantage. They have definitely changed the way people, and organizations interact with one another.