Three Yoga Styles Used For Weight Loss

Whenever we think about weight loss, we usually visualize endless hours of working out in the gym and eating as little as possible. But the typical exercise you get from the gym can become repetitive and boring, causing you to slack off or even quit.

Losing weight is a complex process. But the main concept here is to lessen your calorie intake by exercise and diet. The more energy you use, the more calories you burn.

If you are looking for other ways to lose weight effectively, yoga is another option you can try. This practice is popularly known in promoting mental wellness through meditation and relaxation techniques. However, its reputation does not just stop there. As yoga is also a physical (activity, it is important to pick a style that will work best for you.

There are many styles out there but here are the top three weight loss yoga styles you can try. For more information about yoga classes specifically designed for weight management, check this yoga burn review.

1. Power Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga)

Power yoga is a style in which you constantly shift from one pose to another. The constant movement, on top of the difficulty level of the class will burn calories. It is said that an hour session on Vinyasa yoga can help you burn approximately 450 calories.

This is also a great strength training as the poses in this practice will require you to carry and support your own weight. By doing so, power yoga targets many different muscles that running could not target. It effectively tones your muscles and help you build your strength while losing weight.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Heart Health – Power yoga requires you to shift poses at a quicker pace. This raises your heart rate and gets your heart pumping, making it an effective cardio workout.

Flexibility – The poses in this type of yoga will help stretch your muscles and improve your flexibility. It also targets the muscles that are rarely used when performing other types of work out. Stretching your muscles also reduces the stress on your joints that have built up over the course of your inactive lifestyle.

Strength – As different muscle groups are used and stretched in yoga, this helps develop leaner muscles. When you have lean muscles, you support your entire body better.

2. Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga)

Hot yoga, or sometimes called as Bikram is definitely the most popular style of weight loss yoga. One important factor that exists in this style is its use of a warm room – set about 105 degrees.

To explain the difference of the two terms, hot yoga is less strict as it usually includes different temperatures and combination of poses. Bikram on the other hand is a lot stricter and follows a more traditional style.

A session of hot yoga lasts about 90 minutes, utilizes 26 different poses and each are performed in every session.


Detox – Hot yoga induces a lot of sweating, which is great for expelling toxins from the skin.

Heart Health – This is also a type of yoga that elevates your heart rate.

Breathing Techniques – There are many different breathing techniques involved in this practice. As you utilize the hot room, you will learn more techniques of deep breathing and relaxation.

Flexibility – The heat from the room relaxes your muscles allowing you to perform deeper stretches and improve your flexibility.

3. Ashtanga Yoga

Another style of yoga that promotes weight loss and other health benefits is Ashtanga. This style is different from power yoga as it does not utilize quick shifts of poses. Instead, it is more focused on building leaner muscles and developing a stronger body.

This practice will help you improve your balance and develop a stronger core. An hour session of Ashtanga yoga will burn around 260 calories, depending on your metabolism and weight.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

Heart Health – The poses in Ashtanga yoga will make you sweat and raise your heart rate.

Strength – This type of yoga is qualified as an effective strength training. It focuses on holding your body weight while trying to balance.

Injury Prevention – Ashtanga yoga ultimately targets your strength. When your body is can strongly hold itself up, you reduce your chances of getting injured.

Detox – Sweating helps eliminate toxins from your body and this is one of the styles in yoga that can make your clothes damp.